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2020 Vincenzo Bellini Vocal Competition

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The Bellini International Music Competition of Italy was first established in 1965 and since then has experienced years of glorious history, becoming one of the top ten international music competitions in the world. This competition was made not only to bring young vocalists closer to their musical aspirations of becoming successful Opera singers, but also to commemorate a renowned world-class soprano by the name of Maria Callas with the "Maria Callas Special Award."

Many successful, world-famous Opera singers today have entered the international stage after having participated in the Bellini International Music Competitions. With China's current national growth, and the continuous improvement of music education, this competition serves as a bridge for cultural exchange, and also for the growth of one's own musical talents and skills. The Chairman of this competition, Mr. Colin Yip, expresses his willingness with bringing auditions to China in the hopes of broadening the scope of international competitors and providing Opera singers in China with a chance to qualify for the semi-finals of this competition, which are held in Italy.




Jury Panel


Bellini International Music Competition Chairman
Mr. Stefano Pagliani (Italy) & Colin Yip (Canada)


Chairman of Selection Committee (China Audition)
Madame Shuzhen Guo (China)


Artistic Director of Selection Committee
Ms. Mary Liu (Canada)


Members of the Jury Committee:

Mr. Franz Albanese (Italy) 
Mr. William ShookolT (Canada) 
Mr. Arturo Callegari (United States) 

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